M/R Johnson

Certified Peer Specialist, Speaker, Author

Born and raised in the Nation’s Capital Washington, DC, she is a Certified Peer Specialist, a Speaker and the Author of the combined book and workbook Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction, that addresses the stigma and shame of addiction, mental health disorders (depression) and suicidal ideation (suicide) that society is to ashamed and reluctant too talk about. M/R Johnson, was inspired by her story as someone living with co-occurring disorders, who offers insight from a dynamic perspective, drawing from her personal lived experiences, clinical education from the Washington, DC Department of Behavioral Health Training Institute Co-Occurring Disorder Competence Course and Washington, DC Office of Consumer and Family Affairs Certified Peer Specialist Certification Program, along with her professional work experience on an (ACT) Assertive Community Treatment Team and certification for Mental Health First-Aid USA. As a Certified Peer Specialist M/R Johnson has become a leader among her peers by sharing her challenges and experiences within the mental health and addiction’s communities through motivational speaking and interactive workshop presentations. As a Speaker her mission has been to share her story of HOPE and SURVIVAL to others who may or may not understand that there is Hope to Never Give Up! As Self-Published Author of the book Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction, her purpose is to be a voice that self-publishing is hard work however; the rewards are worth it in the end. Learn more: