Michael Stausholm

Founder of Sprout,, the green startup behind the world´s only plantable pencil.

Michael Stausholm is the founder of, the startup behind the world´s only plantable pencil and other green consumer products. Sprout has clients like Disney, Bacardi, Bank of America, WWF, Marriott, Coca Cola that all get their logos engraved on the pencils and use them for green giveaways. Sprout has offices in Copenhagen and Boston and sells more than 450.000 pencils a month to over 60 countries. Michael Stausholm has worked as a sustainability expert and consultant for the past 16 years. For 15 years he worked in Asia with sustainable production within the textile industry, advising clients like Walmart and Nike. He has also been a speaker on FN events, and he blogs about corporate sustainability on Huffington Post.