Dr. Yael Wilnai

Dr. Yael Wilnai, Contributor Director of Biochemical Genetics Clinic at Schneider Children’s Hospital, GeneFo Co-Founder - come visit us at, the leading social-medical platform that lets patients compare their care protocols with other patients like them, giving access to experts that answer their questions, and matching patients with innovative clinical trials in their area

Dr. Wilnai is the director of the Biochemical Genetics Clinic at Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel in Tel Aviv and co-founder of GeneFo, the only 'intelligent patient platform' for people with genetic conditions. Her specialty interests include rare genetic conditions, neurometabolic diseases and mitochondrial medicine - topics on which she has written and lectured extensively. Dr. Wilnai earned her medical degree from the Sackler School of Medicine, and completed a residency in medical genetics and postdoctoral degree in clinical biochemical genetics at Stanford University. Through years of medical practice, Dr. Wilnai witnessed the frustration of patients and caregivers trying to access accumulated and up-to-date medical information. The internet is filled with great content, but it is not accessible in one convenient place, so having to navigate different websites, patient groups, expert forums, tracking apps, etc. became a real pain point for families that are already busily juggling life with a chronic condition - hence GeneFo was born.