Monique Tallon

Women's Leadership & Inclusion Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author empowering women globally.

Monique Tallon is a Women's Leadership & Inclusion expert, executive coach, corporate trainer and keynote speaker on women's leadership topics. She is the author of the new book, Leading Gracefully: A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership. Monique is CEO of Highest Path Consulting, specializing in developing 21st century leaders through executive coaching and training programs. Monique has worked internationally with clients like Microsoft, Deloitte, Nestle and Walmart, among others. Monique created the Feminine Leadership Model™ and the Feminine Leadership Coaching Program™ through her research and personal experience in corporate and management settings. Her system helps women embrace their feminine strengths to combine them with traditional qualities to develop an effective leadership presence and create more influence and impact. Combining 15 years of personal development work, professional coach training, and corporate experience, Monique has helped hundreds of women and men in cultivating a leadership style that is ultimately more inclusive and drives innovation – two things that are necessary in the 21st century economy. Monique is a San Francisco native and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Chris. She travels to the City by the Bay on a regular basis.