Murray Lipp

Social Justice Activist

Murray is based in NYC. He is the administrator of "Gay Marriage USA" on Facebook which has over 390,000 followers. He has previously lived and worked in both Australia and England. He completed postgraduate studies at NYU and has an undergraduate background in psychology, sociology, and politics.

Murray was involved in the social media campaign to bring marriage equality to New York in 2011, administering the Facebook page "Gay Marriage New York." Following the legalization of same-sex marriage in NY he took his online campaign for marriage equality national by starting "Gay Marriage USA."

Murray has attended numerous LGBT rallies and cultural events in recent years, documenting his experiences through photos and sharing them across his facebook network. He was included in Daily Dot's "Top 10 Internet LGBT Activists for 2012." Recently he launched a new project called "Conversations With Strangers" which aims to explore the ways in which we interact with people we don't know.