Myra Evans

Creator, 'Diary of a Yale Mom' blog

Myra Evans, author of “Diary of a Yale Mom” blog, graduated from Yale University in 1981. She holds a B.A. in Chemistry. After graduation, Myra worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co. as an analyst in Corporate Finance. In 1983, after raising $250,000 from her friends and colleagues at Goldman, she opened an authentic Italian Ice Cream Company, Gelato Modo, Inc. in New York City. A media darling, her story was featured on the Today Show, Business Week, Entrepreneur Magazine, New York Times, The New Yorker and in numerous magazines and television shows. With three stores in New York, a franchise in New Jersey, and a wholesale operation that included kiosks in the Food Emporium and at the US Open Tennis Championships, Myra was riding a wave of success.<br /> <br /> On June 15, 1985, one employee was murdered by another employee at her Columbus Avenue store. She liquidated the assets of the business and returned to Wall Street. She joined Bankers’ Trust in 1986 as an associate working for the treasurer of the bank. In 1992, she joined The Wyatt Company as director of marketing for Public Pension Funds and retired as Director of Public Pension Funds in 1994.<br /> <br /> Myra, currently serves on the board of trustees for the Yale Alumni Association of Cleveland, The Yale Alumni Scholarship of Cleveland, and as treasurer of the Yale College Class of 1981. Myra also serves on the Parent Advisory Committee at Choate Rosemary Hall.<br /> <br /> In 1987, Myra married a graduate of Cornell University’s Medical School. Myra is the mother of three children: Sydney, a graduate of Yale University; Olivia, a sophomore at St Andrews in Scotland; and Marcus, a junior at Choate Rosemary Hall. She is a passionate gardener and loves to play tennis. She resides in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.