Alexandra Starkovich

A writer, graphic designer, and photographer sharing random musings, life advice, and her family's journey into urban life in Chicago.

I am an artist A graphic designer, photographer and writer mostly. Over the years I have worked for multiple agencies, hospitals, a college, and a baseball stadium. But now I work for myself. And I love it. If you are ever in the need of a graphic designer, you can check out my portfolio at I am a Chicagoan trapped in the suburbs And I’m working towards my family’s big move to the city. I realize suburban living has many positives for families, but I’m looking forward to exploring all the positives raising kids in the city will bring. And I plan on sharing my journey and lessons learned along the way. I will also be sharing general information about Chicago and family planning. I am a wife, sister, and daughter And I love my family more than anything. They are my best friends and my favorite people to hang out with. And as you can tell from my blog, I can’t wait to add mother to that list. A slight snag on the motherhood front is that I have PCOS. I will be sharing my journey, struggles, and hopefully success at starting a family with PCOS. Other random facts about me I love traveling, books, and tea. I always enjoy laughing with friends and having board game nights. I am terrified of heights and despise bugs. More Stories If you’re still interested in learning more, I’ve posted a few fun surveys and getting-to-know me posts on my blog -