Miles J. Zaremski

Attorney, Author and Writer

I have been an attorney, writer and law school faculty (adjunct) over my, now, 44-year legal career. In that time, I have lectured worldwide on various topics, principally in my specialties of health care law/civil litigation/medical device-products liability, and, notably in recent years, on the Affordable Care Act (("ACA") in which I was asked to counsel Members of Congress as it (="Obamacare") was being drafted in 2009-2010. I have also provided content to the editorial page of USA Today, various legal texts via chapter authors or other commentary, and been a legal columnist for several publications. Additionally, I have been the longest serving chair (5 years) for the Am. Bar. Assoc.'s Standing Committee on Medical Professional Liability and a (past) president of the American College of Legal Medicine. I began blogging for HuffPost probably over five years ago now, amassing over 132 published articles to date. I have covered many areas within the health care law framework as a practicing lawyer/writer, from medical liability defense to antitrust to peer review to physicians ability to testify as experts without running afoul of professional organizations to which they belong to rights of competent adults facing a terminally illness. If there is a concept, however, for which I would like to be known (and have published as far back as 2008), it is this: health care is a right for all Americans, not a personal privilege or a responsibility provided buy the private market. As well, the ACA is the best start to ensuring this "goal", even though it needs tweaking; it surely does NOT need to be repealed and replaced! To fortify this latter thought, just consider the millions of Americans that now have gained the ability to access and afford health care insurance because of the ACA and the benefits provided by the ACA. Concomitantly, just think about the millions of citizens that never had the ability to maintain, acquire and reacquire their health before the ACA became law in March 2010 that allowed them to do so.