Nadav Efraty

Desalitech Founder & CEO

Nadav is the founder and CEO of Desalitech, the world’s leading water startup, who’s breakthrough industrial water and wastewater purification appliances have revolutionized the way Fortune 500 companies are treating their water. Nadav has become a recognized thought leader, bridging between water and modern entrepreneurship through numerous international trade missions, public speaking appearances including television and radio, and guest lectures at conferences and leading business schools. Prior to Desalitech, Nadav held various roles in an enterprise IT data storage company that was acquired by Dell, and that similarly to Desalitech, has challenged its industry’s status quo, bringing innovative appliances to enterprise customers. Nadav also served in the Israeli Air Force as a search and rescue helicopter pilot from which he retired as a Major. In his free time, Nadav enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, and as much as he can, running, playing soccer and basketball and skiing.

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