Nader Salass

Intern, Huffington Post Impact and Student, Tufts University

Nader Salass is a summer intern working at HuffPost Impact. He attends Tufts University and is majoring in both History and English. Previously, Nader has worked at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Clinic. There, he assisted in research directed at treating veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries and/or post-traumatic stress disorder. He also spent time working in Walter Reed's Occupational Therapy department, teaching veterans with prosthetic limbs how to regain normal motor control. He is currently a tutor in the Tufts Writing Fellows Program where he works closely with various professors to help tutor Tufts students in academic writing. He also works as a section editor and staff writer for the Tufts Observer, a biweekly student-run magazine.