Nancy Aossey

President & CEO of International Medical Corps

Nancy A. Aossey is President & CEO of International Medical Corps, an international non-governmental organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through medical relief, health care training, and development programs that build self-reliance. Aossey joined International Medical Corps as its startup CEO in 1986, shortly after its founding in 1984. She went on to establish the organization as a leader in medical crisis response and recovery and helped launch International Medical Corps’ early humanitarian activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Honduras, Nicaragua, Angola, Somalia, Mozambique, Cambodia, Bosnia, Thailand, Rwanda, and Kosovo. She has transformed International Medical Corps into one of the largest relief and development humanitarian organizations delivering more than $1.2 billion of assistance, health services, and training to tens of millions of people in 70 countries since 1984. Today, International Medical Corps’ 4,500 staff and thousands of volunteers continue to work in the world's most challenging places, including low-income, fragile, and post-conflict states like Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, South Sudan, Iraq, Northern Uganda, Haiti, and Libya, among others. International Medical Corps currently provides more than $180 million in disaster response, recovery, and training programs annually.