Nancy Kruh


A professional connoisseur of punditry, Nancy Kruh writes Balance of Opinion, a twice-weekly op-ed feature in The Dallas Morning News that excerpts the best of the syndicated political commentary in the country. She regularly follows more than 70 of the top national columnists, and she also comments on their work on her blog,

Before the launch of Balance of Opinion in 2004, she was a freelance editor and writer who spent far too much time reading MSM commentary when she had real work to do, which means she somehow figured out how to actually get paid for what she was doing anyway. Kruh previously worked as a writer and editor at The Dallas News for 23 years, including 20 years in features. The recipient of several state and national awards, she covered a wide variety of subjects, but among her most memorable assignments was riding for two days in a chartered bus full of Clinton fans from Hope, Arkansas, to Washington, D.C., where she stood in the cold for five hours to witness the 1993 presidential inauguration. She was happy to watch the Obama inauguration in the comfort of her own home in Dallas.

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