Naomi Firestone

writer, sailor, interested in psychology, child development and interior design

I was born in England in 1973, grew up on the continent of Africa, and completed my education in South Africa. At the age of 20 I participated in a two-year circumnavigation on a large sailing vessel and continue to live on the high seas 6 months of the year. The rest of the year, I make my home in California with my family and friends. My interests are wide-ranging and include psychology, child development, writing, sailing and interior design. Currently I'm an associate at, a family business. My interest in and my involvement with child development extend to the special concern with the rights of children to speak their minds and to develop as unique individuals.

My published works include an article, "Witholding-APersonal Story" written for -- a popular website that brings psychological information to the general public. Several of my poems can be found on the website, all including "Dear Death", "Ode to Hermann Hesse" and "Ambivalence".

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