Naomi Liddell

Life affirming designer, writer & lover of good chocolate. Designing values based branding and logos. Technically on honeymoon since 2011.

Life affirming designer, writer and artist.

I work with incredible businesses and entrepreneurs from all parts of the globe to design brands built on values, love, honesty and above all else integrity. I believe that every business has it's own unique set of core values and I guide my clients to discover these during our project together. When those values are infused into brand design, magic happens and business flows.

I’m a firm believer that no matter what size of business you own, we’re all human beings presenting services for other human beings. I believe in the goodness of people and that in a world full of sales tactics and marketing porn, brands can have heart and be kind.

Even though I live in one of the world’s hottest cities, I'm always cold. I drink tea like it’s going out of fashion. I love grungy, bass heavy rock. A night in a luxurious hotel is the best gift anyone can ever give me. Immediately after getting married, I cut off all my hair and left Scotland with my husband to go travelling the world. After some gallivanting around Asia we landed in Perth, Australia and have been here ever since. That was four years ago. So technically, we’re still on honeymoon.

For more about life, daily routines of creative freelancers and all things business productivity, check out my blog.