Nastassja Schmiedt

Imaginatrix & Co-Founder at Spring Up

Nastassja Schmiedt is a millennial digital knowmad in pursuit of happiness and freedom. They are the Imaginatrix and Co-Founder of Spring Up, a multimedia platform cultivating a culture of consent & liberty for all through storytelling and creation. They were born in Florence, Italy and raised in Miami, Florida. They live in the cloud, but can often be found in their home bases of Miami, Denver, and Tuscany. Growing up as a mixed-race child model and actress, they came to understand the importance of representation and media, and were passionate about social justice in all its forms. Their first book, Millennial Sex (Education) harnesses the power of storytelling to cultivate a culture of consent. In college Nastassja studied the social construction of identity and its impact on perception, self-conception, and politics. Their activism around sexual and gender based violence on campus has been featured nationally and internationally. They appeared on stage with 50 other survivors and Lady Gaga at the 2016 Oscars in a breakthrough statement for the sexual assault movement and contributed to the moving anthology “We Believe You: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out.” Their activism is featured in the award-winning 2015 documentary “The Hunting Ground” and the forthcoming “Silent U.”