Natalie Brooke

Conservative, Millennial Writer

Natalie Brooke is known to boldly share her thoughts on relationships, banking, millennial topics, and life through her expressive writing. The young conservative is grateful to live in a country where she can freely make her voice heard and proudly practices her right. She accepts that her opinion may not always be widely accepted, popular or "liked", but wholly believes in the importance of living in the truth. If it happens to incite open and real conversations, she finds that to be a humbling bonus. Natalie is a writer by passion, bank consulting marketing professional by day, and a (newly!) devoted wife full time. An active volunteer, doting aunt to nine little people, and self-proclaimed cat lover, Natalie is defined by the various roles that fill her life and holds each with great responsibility, including her written words. Determination is what fuels her, as she lives by Mr. Calvin Coolidge's words,"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence." Give her a shout: @NBH_Writes