Natasha Lance Rogoff

CEO/Founder of Ingredients for Education, Inc. / Executive Producer

Rogoff has produced International TV and digital media for over 20 years - creating award-winning documentaries, current affairs programming for NBC and ABC (20/20 and Nightline with Ted Koppel) and nationally-distributed PBS TV documentary, “Russia For Sale: The Rough Road to Capitalism” in 1993. As Executive Producer and Director of Sesame Street International from 1992-1998, Rogoff produced 182 half-hour of original Sesame Street episodes on location in Moscow and Mexico. Rogoff serves as CEO/Founder of Ingredients for Education (501c3 nonprofit) and KidsCOOK Productions, a Digital Start-Up company and the creators of "KickinNutrition.TV" - a web-based, nationally-distributed health, cooking and wellness platform for families, schools and healthcare institutions. Rogoff has earned numerous awards for documentary films, children's TV and current affairs programming. Rogoff is currently an Associate Faculty member of Harvard University's Visual and Environmental Sciences department.