Nate Hanson

Writer, thinker, startup guy, and former pastor from Portland, Oregon.

I am a husband and father to my two favorite girls in the world (my wife writes here.) I grew up in the shadows of Mt. Hood, alongside the Willamette River in a town with more Christmas trees than people. Nestled just between the mountains to the east, great Columbia river to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west, the misty Portland area is our home. My wife and I happily grow our family here on this sacred soil. I enjoy reading and writing, and long conversations with genuine people. I believe in becoming anti-screen-dependent. I balance that belief with the fact that I earn money with my computer, helping customers and making products better. (Like Sumry and SmarterQueue.) I’m the author of The Last Generation of Kids That Play Outside. A peaceful day to me is: Going for a walk with my wife. Crawling around on the floor with my daughter while we pretend we are dogs. Watching the sunrise over the city from a hill near our home. Resting. Talking. Learning. Listening. Being quiet. When I graduated from college, I started producing a radio show (2008-2011.) Then I started a church in San Francisco (2012-2015.) I started Sumry (2013) and WorkDifferent (2015) to challenge people to have a purpose in their work and not work to make a killing, but a living. Then, in 2016, I helped start SmarterQueue.