Nate Proctor

I'm a story teller, a writer, a speaker, and an art curator

At 25, I was addicted to cocaine, homeless, living out of my car. At 27, a poem changed my life. At 32, I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University with a degree in English Literature. But the story doesn't end there. Two months after I graduated, I fell into the darkest depression of my life. I was lost. I felt like I had no purpose. That's when I started pairing art and literature on my Instagram to help me deal with my daily struggles. Things took off almost immediately. Everything in my life finally started to make sense. By telling my story and sharing meaningful conversations on the human experience, my goal is to help people better connect with themselves and their loved ones; to help them be courageous, kind, and empowered; to let them know they are cared for, that their existence matters; to impel them, no matter the circumstances, to be unique, always. Come say hi to me on Instagram (@nateproctor) and YouTube (@nateproctor). I would love to hear from you!

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