Norma Cook Everist

Senior Distinguished Professor at Wartburg Theological Seminary

Norma Cook Everist Wartburg Theological Seminary 333 Wartburg Place Dubuque, Iowa 52003 (563) 589-0223 Degrees: Ph.D. 1988, Denver University and the Iliff School of Theology Dissertation: “The Paradox of Pluralism: A Sociological, Ethical, and Ecclesiological Perspective of the Church’s Vocation in the Public World” M.Div. 1976, Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Connecticut M.A.R. 1964, Concordia Theological Seminary, Saint Louis, Missouri B.A. 1960, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana; (with Honors) Theology Major, Education Minor A.A. 1958, North Iowa Area Community College, Mason City, IA Ministry: 2009- Senior Distinguished Professor of Church and Ministry, Wartburg Seminary 1990-09 Professor of Church and Ministry, Wartburg Theological Seminary 1984-90 Associate Professor, Wartburg Theological Seminary 1979-84 Assistant Professor, Wartburg Theological Seminary Primary Areas: Educational Ministry, Church Administration 1976-77 Parish Associate, Hamden Plains United Methodist Church, Hamden, Connecticut 1976-79 Lecturer in Practical Theology, Yale Divinity School, Word and Sacrament Ministry with Lutheran Students 1976-77 Parish Associate, Bethesda Lutheran Church, New Haven, Connecticut 1974-76 Comparative Religion Instructor, Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden, Connecticut 1971-73 A Conference Program Coordinator, Ecumenical Continuing Education Center at Yale, New Haven, Connecticut 1970-76 Inner City Ministry, New Haven, Connecticut 1966-70 Inner City Ministry, Detroit, Michigan 1960-64 Parish Deaconess, Ascension Lutheran Church, Saint Louis, Missouri Guest Professor: 2012 Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Guest Lecturer for diaconal ministry formation 2011 Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, Visiting Professor 2010 Johannelund Seminary, Uppsala, Sweden, Guest Lecturer 2004-7 University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, D.Min. Professor 2003 Lay Academy, Gettysburg Seminary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 2003 United Theological College, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica 2001 Global Diakonia, Brisbane, Queensland. Guest Lecturer for diaconal ministry formation for the Uniting and Anglican Churches of Australia 1997 The Lutheran Seminary, Adelaide, South Australia, Guest Lecturer 1995 Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Summer Session Professor 1993 Makumira Lutheran Theological College, Tanzania, Guest Lecturer 1987 Wartburg's Academy of the West, Thousand Oaks, CA, Professor and Dean 1985 Princeton Theological Seminary, Summer Session Professor 1982 Christ Seminary-Seminex, St. Louis, Summer Session Professor Publications: Books 2015 Seventy Images of Grace in the Epistles That Make All the Difference in Daily Life. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, Wipf and Stock Publishers 2008 With Craig Nessan. Transforming Leadership. Minneapolis: Fortress 2007 Editor. Christian Education as Evangelism. 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Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Professional Service Date Position/Board/Council/Agency/Representation 2015 ELCA Consultation on Engaging Luther’s Catechisms for the 21st Century 2013- Dubuque Cultural Nonviolence Coalition 2013 Wartburg Seminary Representative and Presenter, Association of Theological Schools Faculty Focused Consultation, Pittsburgh PA 2010 Wartburg Seminary Faculty Representative, Convocation of Teaching Theologians, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA 2009 Wartburg Seminary Faculty Representative and Speaker, Convocation of Teaching Theologians, St. Olaf College, St. Peter, MN 2009 Representative and Plenary Speaker, Global Consultation, “Theology in the Life of Lutheran Churches: Transformative Perspectives and Practices Today” Lutheran World Federation, Augsburg, Germany 2008 Wartburg Seminary Faculty Representative, Convocation of Teaching Theologians and Pastors of ELCA Large Churches, Minneapolis, MN 2008 Wartburg Seminary Faculty Representative, Consultation for Bishops and Teaching Theologians, Chicago, Illinois 2007-09 Editorial Board, Lutheran Study Bible, ELCA and Fortress Press 2007 Wartburg Seminary Faculty Representative, ELCA Churchwide Assembly, Chicago 2006 Member, Churchwide Consultation on ELCA Book of Faith Initiative, Chicago 2003 Wartburg Seminary Representative, ELCA Association of Teaching Theologians, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota 2003 Wartburg Seminary Faculty Representative, ELCA Churchwide Assembly, Milwaukee, WI 2002 Wartburg Seminary Representative, Consultation for Bishops and Teaching Theologians, Chicago, Illinois 2001- Member, International Working Group on “Engendering Theological Education for Transformation,” Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, Switzerland 1995-98 Wartburg Seminary Faculty Representative, Covenant Cluster Planning Committee 1995-09 External Examiner, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica 1995 Consultant to the Anglican-Lutheran International Commission, Hanover, Germany 1995 ELCA Representative, Anglican-Lutheran Consultation on the Diaconate, Kent, England 1994-03 Board Member, Center for Youth Ministry, Wartburg Theological Seminary 1994-92 Member, Task Force on the Study about Religion in the Public School, Dubuque Community School District 1988-09 Associate Editor (Wartburg) Currents in Theology and Mission 1988-00 Columnist, with Burton Everist, “Since You Asked” in The Lutheran 1988-93 Task Force on the Study of Ministry, ELCA 1988-93 Member, Board of Directors, Adult Faith Resources 1984-86 Member, Consultation on Theological Education 1984 Wartburg Representative, Association of Theological Schools Conference, Chicago, Illinois 1983-84 Member, Design Task Force on Specific Ministries, Commission for a New Lutheran Church 1982-83 Member, Task Force on Society, Commission for a New Lutheran Church 1981-82 Member, Ordination Study Committee, The American Lutheran Church 1977-79 ALC clergy representative, Lutheran Social Ministries Committee of New England 1976-79 Days of Celebration Co-Chairperson, Church Women United, Greater New Haven, Connecticut 1974-78 Member (Vice President 1974-77), Board of Directors, Concordia Seminary in Exile, St. Louis, MO 1974-75 Member, Regionalization Study Committee, New England (ALC, LCA, LCMS) 1974 Member, Central Committee, Third Annual Triennial Conference, Diakonia, Sherbrooke, Quebec 1972-74 Member (President, 1973-74), Board of Directors, Lutheran Deaconess Association 1972-74 Regional Commissioner, New England District, Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod 1970-72 Election Day Official, Fourth Ward, City of New Haven, CT 1967-76 Book Reviewer, The Lutheran Witness Reporter, St. Louis, MO 1967-76 Community Organizer, Detroit, MI and New Haven, CT Learned Societies/Professional Groups Year joined Name 2002- Association of Teaching Theologians-ELCA 2000- Academy of Religious Leadership 1996-07 Association of Practical Theology 1995-05 Society for the Scientific Study of Religion 1988-95 People's Theology Group of AAR/SBL 1984- Association of Lutheran Seminary Professors of Christian Education 1982-99 National Council on Religion and Public Education 1981-85 Association for Theological Field Education 1980-86 Society for Professors of Church Administration 1977- The Association of Professors and Researchers of Religious Education 1977-79 Hamden Clergy Association, Hamden, CT 1977-79 Lutheran Clergy Cluster, Greater New Haven, CT 1974- Religious Education Association 1960- Lutheran Deaconess Conference Awards / Honors 2009 Outstanding Alumna, North Iowa Area Community College, Mason City, IA 2003 Iowa Distinguished Faculty of the Year, American Association of University Women 1999 Alumna of the Year in Specialized Ministry, The Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO. 1994 Outstanding Graduate of the Decade, Mason City High School, Mason City, IA. Professional Status: Consecration: June 5, 1960, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Mason City, Iowa Ordination: September 18, 1977, Yale Divinity School, New Haven, CT Clergy Roster, Southeastern Iowa Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Family: Married to Burton Everist, August 26, 1962 Three sons: Mark, born June 12, 1963 (adopted May, 1964) Joel, born September 8, 1967 Kirk, born July 25, 1969 Last Updated June 2015