Nezha Alaoui

Global Advocate for Change, Social Innovator and Entrepreneur

Nezha Alaoui is an entrepreneur who has been implementing successful projects with an impactful message empowering individuals to develop more leadership, led by her philosophy to “Be Who You Want to Be.” Her book publications, exhibitions and collections have reinforced her dedication to her mission as a “Global Advocate for Change.” Through her missions for the United Nations in Mozambique, Ethiopia, Senegal, Mauritania and Haiti, she has developed a special understanding and close relationships with marginalized communities, especially youth and women in the third world. These experiences inspired her to create the Mayshad Foundation in 2014. The Foundation exists to develop marginalized communities through education, entrepreneurship and sustainable solutions to climate change. The US-based organization has been operating in Africa and focuses on implementing programs offering solutions to meet with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) adopted in 2015 by the United Nations - including 193 countries and 8 major groups - with a special focus on vulnerable women and youth. Nezha is a tireless and vocal advocate for these communities, whose needs are often overlooked. She participates throughout the world in conferences and panels on the subjects that are related to the causes she supports. She also gathers at the Mayshad Conferences and events, policymakers, opinion elite and others in her extended network in order to build more awareness with a clear call and strategy to action.

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