Nic McKinley

Christian, Husband, Father, and Philanthropic Operative dismantling the modern slave trade.

As an operative who served as a country chief for a special unit within the CIA, I witnessed not only the epidemic of child trafficking, but also the unrealized opportunity to apply my understanding and training to influence this global crisis. As I began to work with experts to better understand the problem in the United States, I found it impossible not to take action. As a result, along with former colleagues from the CIA and Special Operations Forces, I founded DeliverFund. DeliverFund is a nonprofit, private intelligence firm that disrupts human trafficking markets by providing intelligence and specialized analytics about human trafficking activities to law enforcement. Due to my highly specialized education, training and experience, I have a firm understanding of illicit markets and am using that training and education to craft scalable solutions to effectively combat the modern slave trade. Prior to joining the CIA, I spent 11 years in US Air Force as a Pararescueman.

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