Nick Simmons

Education Advocate

Nick Simmons is currently a joint-degree student at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. After graduating Yale University in 2011, Nick began working as a currency trader at UBS Investment Bank. Feeling supremely unfulfilled, he soon left to pursue an area he felt much more passionate about: public education. His next three years were spent as the founding 7th grade math teacher at a middle school in Harlem, NY. In three years of teaching, Nick led 94% of his students to pass the New York State Math test compared to a state average of 32%. In 2014, Nick’s students ranked as the 4th highest performing class in the entire state. In his fourth year, Nick served as an Assistant Principal and eventually Acting School Leader. In addition to working in schools, Nick has served as a national advocate for education by writing op-eds in the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post, speaking on the steps of the Supreme Court and appearing on national television.