Nichole Sylvester

Self-Mastery Coach. Leading Soul Explorers back to their POWER.

My name is Nichole Sylvester and I'm an Intuitive Life & Success Coach guiding women to go beyond their mind to nurture their soul's desires. I help my clients align with their vision to express and monetize their innate gifts.

Overcoming a lifetime of emotional and physical abuse, I've had to recondition my mindset, strengthen my boundaries, learn to unconditionally love myself and commit to my dreams.

On 12/31/14 while in Joshua Tree for a silent retreat I experienced a spiritual awakening. I was told to help women remember their light, reconnect with their truth and all would be well for me. So that's why I am here working with women today. I now know that our true success, on our terms, comes from healing our mindset and learning to fully love who we really are, beyond what we have learned.

You are capable of living a life more beautiful than you can even imagine. Trust me. It's already been given.

If you would like guidance, support and accountability along this path contact me at or visit