Nick Groff

Co-host, Ghost Adventures

Nick Groff has been fascinated with the paranormal since childhood, and as an adult, he has made a career out of investigating it. He is the co-host and an executive producer of Ghost Adventures on
the Travel Channel. He is also the co-creator and co-star of Ghost Adventures: The Original Documentary, which served as the pilot for the series and was a winner at the Los Angeles Film/Video Festival.
Groff has been interviewed on the Today Show, Maury, CNN, Howard Stern, and many network affiliates and countless radio programs. A resident of Las Vegas, NV, he is also the Executive Producer
for the upcoming Travel Channel show, Vegas Stripped.

Jeff Belanger, one of the most visible and prolific paranormal researchers today, is a series writer and researcher for Ghost Adventures. He is the author of a dozen books on the paranormal, including The World’s Most Haunted Places, Our Haunted Lives, Who’s Haunting the White House, and Weird Massachusetts.

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