Nick Kreiss

Comedy writer

Nick Kreiss was born in Los Angeles. Upon completing high school in San Diego, he moved back to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he played varsity tennis. While at UCLA, Nick began to pursue a career in comedy and entertainment. He studied improv and comedy writing at the Groundlings, The Second City, and the Upright Citizens Brigade. After graduating from UCLA, Nick landed a position in post production for Jerry Bruckheimer Films. In 2006, he joined Imagine Entertainment as founder Brian Grazer’s assistant. In his limited free time, Nick managed to produce an art exhibition for Jack Bender (Director and Executive Producer of ABC’s LOST) which featured art taken from the actual set of the show and secured substantial national media coverage for the event. Temporarily fed up with Los Angeles, Nick then moved to New York to work alongside producer Amy Kaufman at Primary Productions, a company made up entirely of the two of them and a first look deal at Focus Features. Primary's first film was a hit; Cary Fukunaga's SIN NOMBRE took home directing and cinematography prizes at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Following the success of SIN NOMBRE, Nick returned to Los Angeles as a comedy writer, securing representation from Circle of Confusion Management Company. Shortly thereafter, he went to work for Ashton Kutcher at his Katalyst Films, where he remains a frequent creative collaborator. Turning his focus to writing and creating, Nick is now a full time comedy writer based out of his studio apartment in Beverly Hills adjacent. He hopes someone buys his spec script so he can move out. At the very least, he hopes you call his Manager (Kemper Donovan at Circle of Confusion) and make up a bunch of things you want to work on with Nick. That might make him think he's gonna make money off of Nick, which is clearly never going to happen.