Nicole DiRocco


Nicole DiRocco, founder of, is devoted to helping executive women have the confidence and skills to attract a healthy, extraordinary loving relationship. A recovering human resources executive, Nicole is a certified dating and relationship coach, blogger, global speaker and chocolate enthusiast. Nicole understands the challenges facing women in the business world and how working in such an environment can influence how women approach dating and relationships. Knowing that it is in being in your feminine grace that will attract the right man, Nicole supports smart, savvy professional women single again after a long relationship or divorce gain the know-how they need to date successfully and attract love from the inside out. Nicole's expertise comes from years of being in the people business, credentialing from International Coach Federation and real life. More importantly, Nicole has done the personal growth needed to transform and open up new possibilities in relationships. Nicole writes for,, and featured in To connect with Nicole and learn more about her coaching programs visit