Nicole Webb

Journalist, Writer, Expat Blogger in Xi'an, China. Mint Mocha Musings: The Hotelier's Wife, An Expat Affair in Asia

Nicole was a news reader with 24 hour news channel, Sky News Australia for a decade, before stepping outside the box (literally) for a change of pace in Hong Kong with her hotelier husband and (then) bump. After a four year love affair with the city that never sleeps, it was time to give up the glittering skyscrapers and fragrant harbour and head north to the middle of China. Hello Xi’an! Almost two years into this hair-raising adventure, the trio have survived and thrived, learning enough Mandarin to order a coffee and stave off the ‘paparazzi' (aka locals), keen to capture the foreigners in all their glory! She’s also collected enough fascinating and often unbelievable tales to tell a great story and is in the midst of writing her book on life in China. A passionate writer, Nicole has had her work published in magazines, online publications and media outlets across the globe. Her biggest thrill, working on her critically acclaimed blog, Mint Mocha Musings: The hotelier’s Wife, an Expat Affair in Asia.