Nikki Haskell

Television Host, Producer, Diet Guru, Author, Artist

Nikki Haskell is a remarkable entrepreneur and a pioneer in her chosen fields, one of the first women Wall Street Stockbrokers. Nikki shifted her focus to the entertainment industry and became a film producer, talk show hostess, and an extraordinary party-giver.

Nikki Haskell’s best selling book, the Star Diet with the 7-day Quick Weight Loss Diet is now in its third printing. Nikki has now enter the fitness and exercise field, creating the new hottest exercise sensation The Star Cruncher “Fitness in a Bag” the first piece of sexy exercise equipment and the perfect way to stay in shape and lose weight. The Star Cruncher logo was design by world famous artist LeRoy Neiman. Nikki Haskell’s dance exercise video “Dancesation” dancing with the StarCruncher is about to hit the market.

Born in Chicago, Nikki attended the Chicago Art Institute. Her artwork has won awards at various art shows, including the Brussels Art Fair. She now has a line of serigraphs published by Graphic Encounter. Nikki was a champion horseback rider. She was raised in Beverly Hills graduating from Beverly Hills High School and the New York Institute of Finance.

Nikki moved on to the entertainment industry and created "The Nikki Haskell Show", which she also produced and hosted over 300 shows. Her show was the forerunner to reality and talk shows like "Entertainment Tonight" and "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". Nikki jet-setted around the world covering events like Carnival in Rio and the Cannes Film Festival. She interviewed hundreds and hundreds of movie stars and celebrities such as Liza Minnelli, Tony Curtis, the first interview with Donald and Ivana Trump, Jeremy Irons and President and Madame Marcos. Nikki also did the last interview with Peter Sellers from the Hotel du Cap. “The Nikki Haskell’s Show” has been the only television show ever shot from the world famous studio 54. The show aired four times a week for six years and established Nikki as one of the pioneers of cable television and a unique interviewer. Nikki is always on the cutting edge. Nikki started a special events company called New York Entertainment. She hosted many of the biggest parties and movie premiers for stars like Michael Jackson and Cher, at exclusive clubs like Studio 54, The Underground, Xenon, and Le Club.

Nikki co-produced the feature film "Aces High", starring Christopher Plummer, Peter Firth and Sir John Gielgud. The film had the distinction of being screened at a royal command performance for Queen Elizabeth.

She was hailed as the "Queen of New York Nightlife", and New York Magazine named her the number 1 “It” Girl in its “35th Anniversary Issue”. She appeared on numerous TV shows including "Late Night with David Letterman", “Entertainment Tonight”, “E!”, “Inside Edition”, "Insider", "Joan Rivers", "Extra", “20/20”, and Access Hollywood”. Nikki has appeared in numerous biographies such as Ivana Trump and Donald Trump, Robert Evans, Joan Collins, Studio 54, Margaux Hemingway, The Village People, The Cotton Club Murders, and Trust Fund Babies...

Nikki's name appears frequently in publications such as The Front page of The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Time Magazine, The New York Post, Newsweek, The Daily News, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The New York Observer, The Enquirer, The Globe, The Star, OK Magazine, US Magazine and Life & Style Magazine. She has been written about in the books: Andy Warhol's Diaries and Party Book and The 100 Most Important Women of the World, The Last Party and New York Confidential and Kiss Kiss and So 80’s.

Nikki Haskell is bi-coastal, with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Nikki’s unique brand of humor and take on life is reflected in her comment: “If I can’t do it in high heels, I’m not interested!

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