Nitzia Logothetis

Founder and executive chairwoman, Seleni Institute

Nitzia Logothetis, MSc, MA, is a trained psychotherapist and founder and executive chairwoman of the Seleni Institute, a non-profit organization working to destigmatize and transform mental health and wellness by addressing real-life issues that challenge the emotional health of women, men, and their families. Mrs. Logothetis is driven by a fundamental belief that mental health is as valuable physical health, and that every person has the potential to succeed when supported. She has advocated for the mental health of women and families around the world, including keynote speaking engagements at the White House Council on Women and Girls, the US Capitol, and numerous international universities, medical institutions, and professional organizations.

After obtaining a degree in psychology from Brown University, Mrs. Logothetis earned an MSc in child development from the University of London. As an Honorary Associate Research Fellow at The Institute of Psychiatry in London, she engaged in research into neurological changes associated with autism and was a coauthor of several papers on the subject. She later earned an MA in counseling for mental health and wellness from NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. She has worked as a school counselor at the Colegio Isaac Rabin in Panama and as a psychotherapist at the Karen Horney Clinic in New York. Her community and philanthropic experience includes classroom volunteer service at the Brimble Hill School for Children with Disabilities in Swindon, UK, and at the Instituto Ateneo in Panama. She also assisted at the Nutre Hogar (a home for malnourished children) and at the Hospital del Niño, both in Panama City. Additionally, she has volunteered at FUNDADES, an orphanage for children with disabilities in Lima, Peru, and served as a mentor to children living with disabilities through Project Eye-to-Eye at Brown University.

Mrs. Logothetis is a Carrie Tower Member of the Brown Alumni Association, an alumna trustee of the College Year in Athens, a Patron of the Cycladic Museum of Art, the Benaki Museum in Greece and the New York City Ballet, and is a Friend of the Good Plus Foundation. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, two sons, and daughter.