Noah Becker

Artist and the Founder/publisher of Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, freelance writer for VICE, The Guardian, INTERVIEW, Art in America and more.

Noah Becker (born in Cleveland, 1970), Is the founder of Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, one of the world’s most popular art magazines. Becker is also an accomplished saxophonist and painter who works from his studio in Brooklyn, NY. Becker's paintings have been exhibited in numerous museums, galleries, and major art fairs in Canada, the United States and Europe, including in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, London, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Miami and Switzerland. Andy Warhol, Samuel Beckett, Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella are some of the people who have influenced Becker’s painting style. In the case of Frank Stella, Becker had an opportunity to visit the artist, interview him and discuss the formal qualities of Stella’s work. As opposed to being interested in the history of art in a way that is too literal or too constraining, Becker chooses to inform his work through face-to-face meetings and interviews with legendary artists.