Nomika Zion


Nomika Zion is Program Director of Van-Leer Jeruslaem Institute's Center for
Social Justice in memory of Yaakov Hazan. In this position, she runs
seminars on social and economic justice topics. She also works for the
Gvanim Association where she creates and oversee programs that use
technology to foster dialogue between different sectors of Israeli society
(Jews-Arabs, kibbutz-cities, religious-seculars, and more.) Previously,
Nomika worked as a journalist with Al-Hamishmar and Hotam. After a pre-army year of service with Hashomer Hatzair in Holon, she spent her army service teaching school drop-outs.

After the army, she continued working with youth through the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement. In 1987, Nomika Zion pioneered a new form of collective living in Israel when she founded Kibbutz Migvan in Sderot, an urban kibbutz that seeks to balance social-educational involvement and personal fulfillment. Nomika's social activism and commitment to communal solutions are a natural outgrowth of her family
background. Born and raised on Hashomer Hatzair Kibbutz Reshafim in the Beit Shean Valley, Nomika is the granddaughter of Yaakov Hazan, co-founder (with Meir Yaari) of Hashomer Hatzair.

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