Norman Goldman

Attorney, Syndicated radio show host, 'The Norman Goldman Show'

Norman Goldman is a lawyer. Hey, wait, come back! He was an attorney on a case that insurance companies have called “notorious,” so you know he’s one of the good guys. On his radio talk show he takes on the big issues that affect the little guy. It’s not about right or left. It’s about right and wrong.

Smart, funny, fearless and fiercely independent, Norm puts the actual “talk” back in talk radio, with intelligent discussions on the real issues of the day. You can listen to Norm’s show live every weekday starting at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, by going to

Norm may have three hours on his talk show, but you’d be amazed at what he can say in just 140 characters, so follow him on Twitter. And, he's on Facebook, too.

When his mother died 3 days after Norm turned 5, and his father died when Norm was 11, Norm spent the next several years in New York City orphanages. He worked hard and graduated from high school at age seventeen. He took advantage of government programs and worked to make ends meet while attending Hunter College in New York, from which he graduated with a B. A. in political science. He attended Loyola School of Law in Los Angeles on a full scholarship, and passed the California bar exam on his first try at age 26.

That “notorious” lawsuit? It involved the way insurance company agents masquerade as "brokers" and rip off consumers with silly, extra "broker fees". Norm didn’t think it was fair or legal. Norm’s pretty big on fairness. He won, beating the third biggest insurer in California, and battled them in court for 9 1/2 years in the process.

For several years, Norm has provided insightful legal analysis for the Ed Schultz Show, and he often fills in as host for Big Eddie. He has also provided legal analysis on TV for The Ed Show, on MSNBC. Now with his own talk show, Norm takes on the issues, takes your calls, and takes on the big guys.