Nuvia Martinez


Nuvia Martinez is a 19 year-old student attending Central Continuation High School. She was born in East LA and lived there for 7 years. She now lives in the Mar Vista Gardens Housing Projects with her mom, Nicolasa, two brothers, Juan and Ramsess, and two sisters, Millie and Rosa. Nuvia hungers after new ideas but when she was attending Venice High School she didn’t really learn much because the teachers spent more time trying to control their class rather than teaching. At Central High, Nuvia is able to work at her own pace and consequently her appetite for learning and her capacity for self-empowerment have flourished. Controlling her anger is something she really enjoys learning about and practicing. She has gotten to know more about herself and consequently has been making good friends and sees better opportunities. Nuvia wants to go to college and become a successful business owner. She knows that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

May 26, 2012

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