Olivia Madlock

Lightworker Liv is a compassionate healer who has many gifts. Her current focuses are massage therapy, intuitive healing, and coaching.

Liv Madlock is a young women with many gifts and passions. Her life didn't start out on the sunny side, there were lots of dark moments that lead to poor choice making and having to face lots of challenges and adversities. She uses each gift she found through her Awakening Path, to empower and ignite more self love in her personal and business interactions. Her spiritual on/offline business Lightworker Liv was born after she attended Massage Therapy School, while simultaneously studying with a Shaman Counselor, in 2014. She knew her life had lead her to this point so she could help people who were facing adversity and challenging times find their connection to Source again.

Liv has had a spiritual blog online for the past 4 years, is now an Online Spiritual Coach helping women with "Mental Dis-ease" overcome the challenges of having emotional and mental ups and downs.

It doesn't end there for Liv either, she continues to serve community in her Portland, Oregon area gifting massage and energy healing services from her home studio. She also is developing a kids program for schools centered around empowering and awakening the children to their Higher Selves, Now, so the world can change for the better.

It is an honor to be blogging for the Huffington Post, Liv looks forward sharing her wise words and ideas with the community.