Ornish Living

For anyone who is interested in leading a healthful lifestyle

Ornish Living is for anyone who is interested in leading a healthful lifestyle. For more than 36 years, Dean Ornish, MD has directed a series of scientific research studies showing, for the first time, that the progression of even severe coronary heart disease – as well as other chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and early-stage prostate cancer – can be slowed, stopped, and even reversed by making comprehensive lifestyle changes. Medicare is now covering the Ornish Program, which is the first time that Medicare has covered a program of comprehensive lifestyle changes. On Ornish Living, you’ll find weekly blog posts from our certified clinical team members representing each of four equally weighted pillars of the program: Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, and Love and Support. We’ve found that when you make healthy choices, you feel better quickly, and feeling better is what makes these choices more sustainable.

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