Osi Mizrahi

Osi shares her knowledge in Yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle practices that build and nourish the home within.

Osi Mizrahi is a writer, entrepreneur, and Holistic coach whose teachings draw deeply from the traditions of Kabbala, Kundalini, and Ayurveda. Mizrahi guides students toward a path that honors the self and promotes self-acceptance. Her philosophy stresses the importance of living a life of purpose and intention, while keeping the creative spark lit and being open to self-reinvention. Training female students to cultivate their inner beauty and strength by embracing their femininity is of particular interest to Mizrahi. The concept of “home,” representative of self, plays a foundational role in Mizrahi’s ideology. From her own home in NY, she runs Osiliving, a business that offers holistic products and inspirational media through the website The company, founded in 2012, stems from Mizrahi’s resolution to help women learn how to achieve emotional and physical well-being through yoga, meditation, medicinal foods, music and other avenues. Mizrahi’s home also serves as a spiritual retreat, where she works in a yurt and stays close to the earth by raising chickens, tending beehives, composting and gardening. Mizrahi also travels the world to learn, grow and explore; she has led workshops in her native Israel as well as in France and Costa Rica. This dialogue between the intimate sphere and larger world is fundamental to Mizrahi’s work helping individuals find balance, the source of all energy. Even as Mizrahi stresses the importance of a simplified life, she lives by the principle of commitment, something she learned by studying yoga and serving as a yoga instructor for more than 20 years. She has also committed to acting, which allows her to practice openness in a manner reminiscent of yoga. Such work requires an extreme presence of mind, offering actors the opportunity to become vessels for enlightenment. When Mizrahi isn’t engaged with expanding her students’ individual potential, writing inspirational texts, or acting, she can be found cooking, listening to music, rock climbing, traveling, or exploring different cultures.

September 25, 2017
September 21, 2017

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