Daily digital news magazine

OZY is a daily digital news magazine that catches readers up on the past 24 hours and then vaults them ahead with trend-spotting pieces focused on the people, places and ideas that you don't know about today but won't be able to miss tomorrow. OZY targets the ‘Change Generation’ — a global, age-agnostic, educated and curious audience that, aside from just knowing about the daily news, wants to learn about the topics and people of tomorrow. The site covers everything from politics to foreign and national affairs, technology, arts and culture, always with an eye towards the ‘new and the next.’ OZY has had a number of high-profile guest editors and news-making interviews, including with Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Tony Blair. Founded last September by veteran broadcast journalist Carlos Watson and his partner, Samir Rao, OZY is a primarily VC-backed media company that boasts a prestigious lineup of investors, including Laurene Powell Jobs, Ron Conway, David Drummond, Dan Rosensweig and E.U. media giant Axel Springer among others.