Christina Pacella

Author, anti bullying and anti mafia advocate, environmentalist

Born in Canada in 1971 from immigrant parents. She spent her childhood travelling between Canada and Italy. While growing up she developed a strong emotional tie with the latter. At the age of 19 she moved to Italy, to a town called Porto San Giorgio along the Adriatic coast where she began university studies. At the same time she started teaching english in both public and private schools. She then married and lived in many different Italian cities for work purposes along with her husband. She has two sons. She worked as a volunteer devoting much time to environmental studies. In 2008 she met Salvatore Borsellino (brother of magistrate Paolo Borsellino, killed in a mafia ambush in 1992) during a conference. She became active in the The Red Diary Movement, an anti mafia organization founded by Mr. Borsellino. To this day Christina writes and translates articles for the related website on a volunteer basis. She recently published her first book in Italian entitled Il Sogno di Paolo ( Paolo's dream ). A novel dedicated to teens which traces a parallel between the mafia mindset and bullying. It was inspired by her personal life experiences and by the people she met along the way. Fell free to visit her website at