Padma Gordon

Spiritual Counselor, movement educator, mother - lover of life who guides people to deepen their connection to body, heart and soul.

Padma Gordon is a Spiritual Counselor, movement educator, writer, speaker, mother and lover of life. She skillfully guides people to deepen their connection to body, heart and soul in her private practice based in Marin County, California. Padma teaches about life, love and relationship. People across the country choose to work with Padma either long distance, or in person when they are at a potent crossroads, and are searching for connection and deeper meaning in life. They may be transitioning in relationship, desiring more purposeful work, facing an illness, grieving a loss, or wanting to be more fully present and engaged in life. Padma assists others to turn toward their experience, so that they can move where they are stuck. In this way, people come home to themselves and thrive. Padma uses a variety of techniques including: Contemplative movement practices, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Somatic Gestalt, Self-inquiry and Radical Truth Telling. She works with both individuals and couples, facilitates groups nationwide teaching new ways of listening to the body, quieting the mind and opening to the heart. The depth of Padma’s embodied presence catalyzes clients and students into profound levels of self-awareness. She gratefully offers herself as an ally for awakening to authentic connection and the simple aliveness of being. Visit her website: or email her at