Dr. Paul A. London

Author and speaker on economic subjects: Brexit, infrastructure, competition, and energy policy based on 40 years experience.

Economic consultant and speaker. Former Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for Economics and Statistics 1993-1997. Author of a well-reviewed book, "The Competition Solution: The Bipartisan Secret behind American Prosperity, " AEI Press 2005 translated into Italian under the auspices of Bocconi University, the foremost business school in Italy. An earlier book, "The Role of Merchants in Development: An Indian Case Study," Praeger 1975 was one of the first books on the benefits of privatization in developing countries. Deputy Administrator for Conservation Policy and Solar at the Federal Energy Administration 1978-79 --- developed first national appliance standards. Involved in the early debates about oil and natural gas pricing after the formation of OPEC. Served in Paris and Viet Nam in the U.S. State Department in the 1960s. BA and PhD. in Political Economy from Harvard.

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