Pam Skoff

Blogger, Nursing student

Pam Skoff is currently a second year nursing student working on her (BSN) Bachelor of Science Nursing from McHenry County College and Northern Illinois University.

Her passions lie in helping individuals and families coping with epilepsy, traumatic brain injuries and also providing access to healthcare for everyone. Her goal is to educate communities on where and how to get health coverage, healthcare, and disease prevention information to live healthy lives. She is an advocate for equality and action against injustice. Pam also believes everyone needs to be informed with the facts about current issues in our country and the world. Everyone needs participate in the re-growth of our country from the bottom up through education and by giving the next person a hand up, 'paying it forward.' By providing knowledge and accomplishment one small group at a time, we will one day reach each and every person.

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