Pam Sweeney

Owner, Pame Designs

Pamé Designs is a luxury jewelry collection that was inspired by Pam Sweeney's global travels and love of beach, surf and exotic finds from around the world. The collection, which consists of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, are created from the highest quality of leather, silver and gold and are adorned with Tahitian pearls, marcasite and semi-precious stones that carry meaning and invite conversation.

Dedicated to keeping our oceans healthy and furthering her love of nature, a portion of all jewelry sales are donated to or Waterkeeper Alliance to help protect and keep our rivers and oceans healthy.
Growing up in Manhattan, Pam developed a love for design at an early age being exposed to some of the most fashion forward trends on the streets of New York City. As the years passed, Pam's passion for design evolved as she moved to Colorado and took in the mountain skyline and traveled to Mexico to surf on the crystal clear beaches.

It was her experiences with surfing that led to the creation of Pamé Designs, a luxury jewelry collection that combines the organics of nature with alluring gems and sea pearls. Pam used her love of fashion and design to create timeless pieces that transcend beauty, earth like elements and create a sense of uncomplicated glamour and surf couture cool.

Pam lives in Aspen, Montauk and Mexico and can be found surfing and skiing to her heart's content with her husband and four children.

All Pamé Designs jewelry is "Handmade in beautiful Aspen, Colorado".