Pamela Levin

Founder and owner, Create Amazing Health, LLC

Pamela Levin, Founder and Owner of Create Amazing Health, LLC has a mission to expand awareness of the many components required to create vibrant health; education, inspiration, motivation and fun are just a few. She has a relentless desire to inspire others to discover their full potential and optimize their health through balanced lifestyle, positive thinking and practicing their life purpose. Her work is powerful, informative, uplifting and scientifically based. Pamela has been described as an intelligent business woman and professional educator with an edgy, fun style.

Pamela’s undergraduate studies focused on engineering and business at GMI Engineering & Management Institute (now known as Kettering University). She later accelerated her studies by achieving an MBA from the University of Michigan and few years later landed in a corporate management role. In time, her passion for health, physiology, dance, music and the science of happiness moved her away from traditional roles where she was able to transition from the logical, analytical business acumen to a more creative, imaginative, free flowing directive. Dharma Dance, LLC, which specializes in non choreographed lyrical dance and movement instruction, was created by Pamela to provide an opportunity for people to enjoy this form of expression to nourish their body to great health.

Not too long ago, Pamela and her daughter co-created Corey-Give It Love, a philanthropic entity which supports teens and adolescents in the healing process through musical and lyrical inspiration. Through their efforts, they have collaborated with several health and healing organizations such as Children’s Memorial Hospital-Chicago, Comers Children’s Hospital (University of Chicago), St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital-Memphis, Ronald McDonald Houses of Illinois and NW Indiana, Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Teens Living with Cancer, the Max Schewitz Foundation, and many others to help teens challenged by chronic illness or disease to heal.

For the past seven years, Pamela has studied quantum physics, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, non violent communication, and Ayurveda (the ancient Hindu science of health and medicine). Pamela also participated as a student on the Teachers Path in the Deepak Chopra Program (San Diego) for Ayurvedic health where she completed a variety of workshops on health and healing.

Pamela belongs to several professional organizations including: University of Michigan Alumni Organization, Women’s Marketing Network, Social Stimulus Club, Women’s Innovative Network (WIN), Empowered Women, and the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Originally from Detroit, Pamela is a “Motown” gal at heart. Besides music and dance, her passions include fitness, cycling, reading and writing, travel and meeting new people from all walks of life.

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