Patrick Pietroni

Chester University's Director of Centre for Psychological Therapies in Primary Care & Public Health Lead Mental Health and Wellbeing, Salop.

Professor Patrick C Pietroni DSc (Hon), FRCP, FRCGP, MFPH, retired from his post as Dean of General Practice at the London University in 2001 following the re-organisation of the London Deanery. For the next three years he led an internal consultancy unit funded by the UK Department of Health, initiating and delivering several of the then national policy programmes including Patient Choice, The Expert Patient and a Mentoring Support Group for National Health Service staff including Consultants, General Practitioners, Senior Nurses and Health Service Managers.

Prior to his appointment as Dean in 1996, Professor Pietroni was head of the Primary Care and Community Health Department at the University of Westminster. The department was established by Professor Pietroni in 1993 and has currently about 1,000 students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. The department was a development of the Marylebone Health Centre established in 1984 which has been recognised as both a national and international centre of excellence. Between 1984 and 2001, Professor Pietroni was responsible for raising over £5,000,000 in research and educational research grants. He has published several books including The Greening of Medicine and Innovation in Community Care and Pr­­imary Health and numerous academic articles. He founded and was editor of the Journal of Inter-professional Care and the International Journal for the Study of Cuba and the Journal of Psychological Therapies in Primary Care.

In 1996 he led a consultancy team to Russia to help facilitate the transformation of the old USSR health care systems. Between 1997 and 2001 Professor Pietroni led a delegation of over 100 UK doctors to Cuba to undertake bilateral exchanges of each country’s unique health care system. This culminated in meeting with the Cuban and British Ministers of Health when a Cuban delegation was invited to visit the UK. Professor Pietroni has had additional consultancy experience in over ten countries.

Professor Pietroni now lives in Shropshire and is currently Director of the Centre for Psychological Therapies in Primary Care at the University of Chester and Public Health Lead for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Shropshire.

Professor Pietroni is a trained analyst (Jungian), and has extensive experience in individual, organisational and life-coaching work. He speaks fluent French and Greek.

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