Patti M Hall

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As a writing coach, writer and ghostwriter I’ve coached hundreds of aspiring writers (like you!), ghostwritten and collaborated on several memoirs and written two of my own. I'm most energized by the work to do with coaching posts here on HuffPo and through my #InspiringMoment on social media. I'm a walking memoir inspiration warehouse. I partner with, support and mentor memoirists who are ready to bring their stories to life—and don’t want to do it alone. I do this work because I love the genre, the memoirists I’m honored to support and being part of the publishing industry’s love affair with personal history. Whether I’m pulling your story out of you as your writing coach, offering you prompts, exercises and lessons through my self-paced courses or collaborating with you on our next incredible story, reuniting you with your story is the mission of my life. More about me: I’m a former urban designing, policy writing, hockey coaching mom from a town in the middle of Canada. I’m also a rare disease advocate and the mother of two very tall young men (#gigantism), who still let me hang out with them (because I’m so very, very cool.) I have a ton of formal education and way more painfully-earned life smarts. I’ve authored two memoirs, both seeking publishers who love them. Drop me a line, I can't wait to hear your story.

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