Patty Hodapp

I'm a girl who can't stay put

Patty Hodapp is a Minnesota native but her expat addresses scatter through Western Europe. Since age 10, she's lived in a rural Irish cottage, a village near Cambridge, England, a cramped apartment in central London, and a stained glass villa in Florence, Italy.

For Patty, travel isn’t just a story about leaving and returning. It’s a way of living. A way of seeing beyond oneself into the other with compassion for what’s not understood, and a curiosity, a desire to translate how others exist by bringing a sense of place to life, through words.

Patty currently lives in Manhattan. She is deputy editor for Lost Girls World, an online travel website geared toward women travelers in their 20s and 30s. She’s wrapping up her degrees in Magazine Journalism and Medieval Renaissance Studies from Syracuse University, NY. She freelances on the side, and of course, looks forward to her next big adventure.