Paola K Amaras

and Paul T. Kraly. Dreamer, mythologizer, commentator, co-owners of Scribes Unlimited, LLC

Writer, Dreamer, Mythmaker My entire life has revolved around mythology, legend, and folklore, ever since my grandmother recited fairy tales and myths in iambic hexameter and my uncle taught me to write. That being said, I am opinionated, cheerful, well read and engaged in the world around me, whenever I stop writing, that is… I led a group on myth and folklore in high school as well taught about them for Case Western Reserve University’s Off Campus Studies along with classes on History (Medieval and Restoration) Beowulf, Jane Austen, the Brontes and Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth/Hero with a Thousand Faces. I received a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University (Majors: Humanities/Classics and Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Minor: Theater) My MLS is from the University of Pittsburgh in Rare Books/Manuscripts, Reference, and InfoTech, where part of my final projects was self-censorship in pulp, comic books and popular literature, introducing me to graphic novels and adult themes and concepts. I began Scribes Unlimited with Paul Kraly and we’ve been writing books, business plans, stories, grants, blogs, articles, scripts and every other type of document ever since. This includes seven non-fiction books ranging from time management, economic forecasts, digital photography and more. “Exiles of Dal Ryeas” (my first solo novel) was published in 2011. Lately, I’ve been working on a dark urban fantasy thriller set in the otherworlds and hope it is published soon.,