Peter C. Frank

#Progressive #GOP #LGBTQ #MentalHealth #Political #Disability #Chocoholic #Tech #Geek #Activist #NightOwl who writes about a variety of things every now & then...

Peter is a progressive LGBTQ political activist/advocate, single, gay tech geek living between Westchester County, NY (30 mins north of midtown, NYC) and Hartford, CT. He's an Insufferable Insomniac, Internet & Starbucks Chai Latte addicted Night Owl. A social media nerd, Peter is a member of the grammar polizei and an avowed chocoholic. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Purchase College, SUNY, and matriculated at the New York Law School when he was 20 years old—the second youngest person ever admitted in the school's 125 year history. He successfully completed two years of study and left for personal reasons. Peter became disabled in 2002 due to a car accident. Since his accident, he has been advocating for disability rights and mental health issues & awareness in addition to the political and LGBTQ issues he has fought for during his adult life, which he raises on his personal blog, where he's written extensively about his personal journey. Some posts may appear on his blog but not here. You can view his blog at A quintessential New Yorker whose opinionated and facetious personality often gets him into trouble, Peter can't wait for cloning technology to be perfected so he can clone himself a few times and finally be able to do all that he wishes he had the time and energy for. As a digital leader, Peter uses his influence to promote the causes he cares so deeply and passionately about. He was an active supporter of the presidential campaign for US Senator Bernie Sanders and remains #StillSanders, supporting #OurRevolution. As a registered voter and lifelong member of the Republican Party, Peter fights for the return of the progressive wing within the GOP.