Peter Pizano

Peter R. Pizano is a Colombian-born JD/LLM student at Northwestern Law, pursuing a joint-degree in International Human Rights Law.

Pedro Pizano is a Colombian-born human rights activist. He just started his own, and perhaps the world’s first, human rights consulting firm: Pizano Strategies. He co-founded The World Votes and is a One Young World Ambassador. He previously held the post of Strategy Associate and Global Media Liaison at the Human Rights Foundation and Oslo Freedom Forum where he led, for example, campaigns to expose celebrities who flack for dictators, like Hilary Swank in Chechnya or Julio Iglesias in Equatorial Guinea. He studied International Human Rights Law at Oxford and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University. He was recently recognized by the Diplomatic Courier as one of the top 99 professionals under 33 in Foreign Policy. He is currently pursuing a joint-degree (JD/LLM) in International Human Rights Law at Northwestern. He is interning in Manhattan for the 2016 summer.